Our Mission Statement

To assist leaders and organizations to deal with the consequences of leadership failure in a redemptive manner, and to prevent future failure by building strong and enduring marriages and families.

About Us

The Center for Leadership Integrity and Restoration was established in 2008 to help address a growing problem. Many say there will be a great shortfall of good Christian leaders in the next ten years. Exacerbating the problem is the number of leaders who are falling. Several studies have shown that in the church, one in eight pastors is falling into an adulterous relationship. It also is happening at an alarming rate in the business, para-church, government and entertainment communities.

We pool together teams of people with expertise to assist both the fallen leader and the organization to deal with this in a redemptive way. This may involve intensive interventions with the leader and his/her family, assisting the organization to put together a plan to handle this crisis in a biblical, redemptive way that can reduce the collateral damage to the institution and to the reputation of the gospel.

We also are committed to slowing down the number of leadership failures by preventing them before they can happen. We have designed workshops designed to address these areas in order to “PREVENT future moral failures of leaders and their spouses.