Helping the Individual

Failure comes in many forms regardless of status or background. Currently leadership failure is dealt with in a number of ways. Some organizations simply banish the leader and send him away with a brief comment and no further explanation. Others have an outside leader come in to set things in order. Still others have the leader stand up and confess in great detail of his or her sin. Some begin a restoration process well but because they lack the expertise and support to see it through to completion. The pressure of perceived urgency often contributes to an effort to achieve a rapid conclusion which short cuts necessary steps. In cases where a leader is very gifted there can be focus on restoring the “ministry” rather than a concentrated focus on restoring “the person” first and foremost. If the process is not completed it leaves the failed leader and the organization impaired to fulfill their God given destiny. And the organization if they had followed the right process could have healed and even move forward stronger than ever before.

It is our conviction that a successful model for the integrity of leaders and recovery and restoration of fallen leaders will consist of four unique parts, the first of which is Serving the Individual.

Address the issues of the individual that may include addiction(s), sexual identity, need to control, financial indiscretions and other issues. All underlying issues in the leader’s life that were never really addressed, such as childhood abuse, require examination and intervention.

We then develop individualized intervention plans that recognize, as unique as each person is, so is the uniqueness of the treatment plan for each individual. While there may be identifiable general patterns of failure, the contributing factors of each individual failure are varied.

Then we assist in providing or facilitating an environment of love, acceptance and forgiveness where the leader and his/her family can experience genuine community. Each person will be surrounded with a prayer team who will daily lift them up before the throne of grace. We want to make sure they are cared for spiritually, pastorally, emotionally, physically and relationally.

We then connect with the best resources available to assist the person and his/her family with counseling, legal, vocational and other needed services.

The assistance we provide may also include several days of a Leader Assessment and Consultation which involves the leader and the spouse or others involved with the leader, who are in need of personal, professional or relationship assistance. The “Leader Assessment and Consultation teams” provide personal, marital, relationship, ministry and organizational assessment with a plan for restoration and growth involving the development and provision of the necessary interventions and supports to insure success.

Some couples are facing deep stressors that are accentuated by the leadership role they are in. In addition some times couples find themselves facing an issue that they just don’t seem to be able to resolve. Therefore a third party can assist to address this issue and move forward. Some couples just need assistance to deepen their communication to bring greater intimacy and delight into their married life. MARRIAGE BUILDERS is another service to provide for these issues as well as developmental seminars and consultation to assist. Click here to read more.