Marriage Builders

MARRIAGE BUILDERS exists to provide a number of services that can assist both individuals and couples build marriages that can face and overcome the pressures and obstacles that they face in this culture today. We also provide educational services that churches and organizations can use to strengthen the marriages and families within their group.


1. Counseling & Coaching – Many times couples find themselves facing an issue that they just don’t seem to be able to resolve. Therefore a third party can assist to address this issue and move forward. Some couples just need assistance to deepen their communication to bring greater intimacy and delight into their married life. Others are facing the “empty nest” and this can be a “critical” time for many and need help preparing for this next phase of the journey. In all these cases, testing is done that gives a comprehensive assessment of marital satisfaction in ten key areas. Out of this and other assessment we develop an individualized growth plan to take the marriage to the next level of growth and intimacy.

2. Pre-marital Preparation – Next to one’s decision to follow Christ the choice of a life partner is the most critical decision we can make. Today almost every wedding is a cross cultural marriage and there are a lot more issues that need to be addresses. Ideally it is best to start this process before engagement when a couple is just beginning to discuss marriage. Personality assessments and marital inventories are used to enhance this process. David Martin has been doing this over 30 years and has counseled over 500 couples preparing for marriage.


1. Marriage Seminars – Organizations can have retreats or seminars to proactively enhance the marriages of their constituents. We can tailor this to meet the felt needs of the group. Some topics may include the following…

• God’s Purpose & Plan for Marriage
• Becoming a “Great Communicator”
• What God Thinks About Sex
• How to Have a Fair Fight
• Understanding the Ten Dimensions of Intimacy
• The Real Enemy of Your Marriage
• Preparing for the Second Half of Marriage

2. Parenting Seminars – With the growing cultural differences in people getting married the issue is deepened when they become parents as they may have been raised with very different philosophies. Some topics may include…

• A Biblical “theology” of discipline
• Teaching your children about sex
• The challenge of the blended family

3. Premarital Seminars – This is a great way to get a clear understanding of God’s plan and purpose for marriage as we have to overcome many false notions of what marriage is for. If you don’t know the purpose of something you will exploit it. Some topics included…

• Understanding God’s Purpose for Marriage
• Threats to marital unity
• Maintaining unity in your marriage
• How to keep your “in-laws” from becoming “outlaws”
• Conflict that deepens intimacy
• The “Gospel of Sex”
• Understanding our “roles” in marriage
• Having a financial plan

4. Pulpit Supply – Pastor Martin is available to minister at your church on a variety of topics addressing varying relational issues and many other key elements of discipleship.