Preventing Failure

Failure comes in many forms regardless of status or background. Currently leadership failure is dealt with in a number of ways. Some organizations simply banish the leader and send him away with a brief comment and no further explanation. Others have an outside leader come in to set things in order. Still others have the leader stand up and confess in great detail of his or her sin. Some begin a restoration process well but because they lack the expertise and support to see it through to completion. The pressure of perceived urgency often contributes to an effort to achieve a rapid conclusion which short cuts necessary steps. In cases where a leader is very gifted there can be focus on restoring the “ministry” rather than a concentrated focus on restoring “the person” first and foremost. If the process is not completed it leaves the failed leader and the organization impaired to fulfill their God given destiny. And the organization if they had followed the right process could have healed and even move forward stronger than ever before.

It is our conviction that a successful model for the integrity of leaders and recovery and restoration of fallen leaders will consist of four unique parts, the third of which is the prevention of leadership failure.

With the growing numbers and magnitude of these problems, we must not only help with the crisis but must have a developmental approach that heads off the problem before it starts by helping leaders see the danger signs and structure their life and ministry accordingly. Most leaders who have fallen say later that they never thought it could happen to them personally. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We MUST deal with this NOW as it has become a great “scourge” of the Christian community.

With this in mind we have developed a 4 to 6 hour seminar on “Sexual Misconduct Prevention” called “Guard Your Heart Training”. We have found that when leaders and their spouses go through this together the probability of failure is diminished significantly. Some denominations and ministerial associations are requiring this of all the ministers they license. This seminar can be done not just for ordained clergy but also for all the leadership of a church, or any other company or organization.